Todd Nelson – President | CEO Kalahari Resorts & Conventions

I would like to share with you what a pleasure it is to partner with Maite Kuhns. Our company prides itself on our food and beverage offerings at all our resorts and over the years we have relied heavily on Maite in not only the development aspect of our key restaurants, but also the key driver to the success of them from an operational standpoint. She is a natural leader, and her organizational skills are exceptional. Her personality is contagious, with such a positive style of training that is inspirational to our staff. She believes whole heartedly in how she leads, and that energy is absorbed by the team she trains. She has a sincere passion to teach others the art of hospitality. Her can-do attitude allows for her to thrive in all aspects of the operations, from line-level staff to ownership. Truly a win-win for us!

Maite’s ability to plan a strategy, and make sure that it’s implemented accurately and quickly have contributed immensely to the overall success of our dining destinations. Quite honestly, we could not have elevated our food and beverage brand to the levels we have achieved without her. That alone is a testament to her skill set.

Paul Durand – CEO Scalzo Hospitality

Maite was incredibly instrumental in opening my restaurant, The Twin Cities 400 Tavern in North East Minneapolis. She worked directly with me in identifying and engineering our menus for higher margin deliverables. She identified an employee selection process that allowed us to hire some fantastic associates. The training she delivered to the newly hired staff was comprehensive, energetic, relevant and set my opening team up for immediate success. Her laser focus on service and quality was nothing I had ever seen before. Lastly, Maite was one hundred percent engaged. She directed my soft opening, helped me with game-time adjustments, and followed up weeks later with a solid post-opening report. I HIGHLY recommend Maite, she will be a key asset to ANY team that is lucky enough to retain her consulting services!

Dave Wilson – GM Mannys Steakhouse

Maite is a seriously passionate and driven individual, committed to building a better Team and enhancing the Culture. During my tenure as Manny’s GM I can say that Maite had a huge impact on solidifying our Training Program and enhancing our Culture. Value beyond dollars and cents in the competitive world of food service. Maite always brought a contagious enthusiasm and energy that made better whatever she touched. I would without hesitation give my strongest recommendation. Energy, Passion, Drive and Vision Second to None. 

Steve Bohl – President & Owner Bohland Hotel Group

In my experience, it is rare to find someone so passionate about what they do and care so much about the people they may influence. Employees, guests, and just about anybody they come in contact with.  

Maite is beyond exceptional in how she energizes people and brings them right to the center of what is important!

What an amazing opportunity to work with Maite as our consultant and guide to bring together all of the components inside our food and beverage business.

Randy Stanley – Founder 6Smith | Baldamar

Maite is a hands-on person with that rare combination of operating background, strategic awareness and experience that allows her to excel at training program creation, implementation, and evalutation. Maite can correctly assess the needs of virtually any operation and determine what training and evaluation processes are necessary in even the most challenging of environments. Maite was able to successfully balance the cultures of various restaurants within Parasole, and even more difficult, with outside companies who retained their consulting services.

Maite is smart, dedicated, creative, flexible, and a hard-working individual. She would be an asset for any company!

I look forward to creating another raving fan solving your challenges

Maite Kuhns