A guest will never love your restaurant if your staff doesn’t first. They are the largest asset in your building and often receive the least amount of your ongoing attention. You are not alone. You are short staffed, feeling behind before you even start your day, it becomes easy to back burn employee development. Minimal training up front to get them up and running and then what? It can be easy to want the work to be done.

Put as much time into your staff as you spend on business development. Your staff is YOUR BRAND! They communicate brand standards everyday through their interactions and choices. You can have all the fancy materials and furnishings but your staff bring the restaurant to life. It all begins Day 1.

You need to have a killer onboarding program!

It sets the tone. Inefficient onboarding creates low morale, subpar standards, frustrated managers, and high turnover. Money, money, money, money!

You need me to help create something hyper focused for each job code. Generic – one size fits all programs are not feasible in this complex industry. You need something that is just for you. Something that solves your pain points, in the format that works for your team, and understanding your big goals.

I can help you create:

An onboarding strategy

Supporting training materials

You need to have a thoughtful ongoing training program!

Great restaurants need daily nurturing. You are caught up in the whirlwind, surviving, but not thriving. You need a consistent strategy that understands short term goals within your big goals and sets milestones that align with staff growth and excitement.

I can help you create:

Daily training program

Monthly seminars

You need to have a big picture development program!

The daily grind of restaurant work can do a number on the best of us. Fill your staff’s cup with a motivational speech or

I can help you create:

Bi-annual hiring season strategy

Yearly refresh


  • Shape onboarding programs
  • Create staff training programs
  • Evolve service manuals
  • Team coaching & mentoring
  • Individual coaching & mentoring
  • Provide service classes
    • Host
    • Wait Assistant
    • Food Runner
    • Server
    • Bartender