Do you wish someone cared as much about your restaurant opening as you do? Maybe, you are wondering if a consultant can really understand your needs. Too many people think that professional help is out of their budget and they need to do it alone.

What is currently keeping you up at night?

-Where do I start?

-What are the key timelines?

-How can I ensure the staff will be trained?

-How do I know what to focus on?

-What do steps of service entail?

-Which SOPs are imperative to put in place?

-What are FAQ during a restaurant opening?

-Who is going to do all the speaking?

Sound familiar?

In this highly competitive industry, false starts damage your brand and your chances for success. You have been dreaming about your restaurant forever. It is necessary to be honest with your expertise, skillset, and resources. Don’t shortchange your chances by taking it on alone. Invest in your opening training program by hiring me.

New restaurant openings are exhilarating, frighting, challenging, exhausting and by the time the restaurant opens, the real work begins. Each one is different but there is a recipe to make sure pre-opening, training, opening day, and operations are all set up for success.

I get it, your needs are specific to your opening and you are wondering how customizable a training coordinator can be. Are you starting from scratch or need someone to take the project across the finish line? I can play the support role or take the lead from start to finish. I have experience with small, large, casual, fancy, corporate, and independent restaurant openings.

There are infinite possibilities when the foundation is set! You deserve this opportunity!


  • Manage project’s key tasks and deadlines
  • Organize the opening training plan
  • Coordinate and manage all preopening training
  • Evolve standard operating procedures
  • Develop service manuals
  • Create a train the trainer program
  • Establish training cheat sheets
  • Devise and execute staff training