Often overlooked, and sorely missed in most operations, audits are a necessary part of your business. If you already have something in place, good for you! Maybe you have never performed self-audits on facilities, sanitation, or service and are overwhelmed on the process.

If you want your business to be at the top, you need to dig deep and ask the hard questions. It’s uncomfortable to honestly self-assess but the truth is, you are not faking anyone out. If you do not confront your operational issues head on, they will grow and grow and ultimately become your undoing. Hire me and watch your operations fall into line.

I’ll do the discovery, report my findings, create a strategy, and train your leads with customized templates that fit your business needs.

Ultimately, self-assessment is a challenge but if you have the heart for real reflection, the opportunity for a breakthrough is transformative. The process can be so rewarding that you shouldn’t surprised if you find yourself wanting to do audits in other areas of your personal and professional life.


  • Facility audit for optimal service
  • Service audit
  • Brand compliance audit
  • Policy audit
  • Expand operational checklists
  • Create performance evaluations
  • Develop job descriptions
  • Troubleshoot service issues
  • Establish a safety & sanitation self-audit