Truth bomb – Your staff might be the ones killing your restaurant and it might be your fault! Culture is the heartbeat of your business and most of the time the answer is right in front of you, but you are too close and blinded by the truth. You need an outside perspective and that’s where I come in. Plan your growth by developing your culture with me!

Remember when your mom told you something at one thousand times but the first time it came from your first-grade teacher, you thought it was genius? It is just the way it is. You need an outside perspective to see the light, help you craft your strategy, and help deliver your message to the troops.

The problem might be them:

It is natural to become too close to your staff and struggle giving them a fair assessment. The reality is, not everyone should be in this industry. They might be an excellent bartender but a poisonous employee.

“Nothing will kill a great employee faster than watching you tolerate a bad one” — Perry Belcher During

The problem might be you:

Where is your staff at? Meet them there. They might not feel appreciated, supported, or heard. Unburden yourself by focusing on culture all day long until the culture outgrows your efforts.

Culture needs strong communication. Are you transparent when it counts? It needs strong leadership integrity. Do you do what you say you are going to do? Are you known for doing what is right rather that what is easiest? Lastly, culture needs vision.

Do you give your employees an idea of how to be successful by sharing the big 3?

This is who we are – vision, mission, core values, standards

This is where we are going – create an exciting future of success

This is how you fit in – share how they help the team achieve the success


  • Advance core values
  • Develop leadership road map to implement core values
  • Conduct culture creation coaching
  • Individual coaching & mentoring
  • Team coaching & mentoring
  • Transformative leadership training
  • Develop proactive management strategies